Trade Winds Refrigeration, LLC also services commercial heating, ventilation, and A/C
systems. Contact us today to for all your commercial and residential HVAC needs!

HVAC Services

Comfortable temperatures in your place of business or home is important to us here at Trade Winds. We all know that an air conditioner usually doesn't break on a cold day, and we understand that when it’s 100 degrees out, you need us now. Our goal is to meet your needs. We offer pre-season maintenance on heating/AC equipment which will allow.

  • Clean or replace air filters.
  • Inspection of cooling coil.
  • Inspection of primary and secondary drains.
  • Inspection and cleaning of condenser coil.
  • Lubricate all motors.
  • Check and replace blower drive belts.
  • Inspect and secure all electrical connections.
  • Monitor system operating pressures and verify proper refrigerant charge.